Pobol y Cwm Artist Residency

Inga Burrows

The Pobol Prism Residency built on previous participatory research projects I had produced over the past decade in the South Wales region. The over-arching objective of this series of community specific projects has been to explore ways in which a process of creative engagement can lead to the co-production of a visual art work. One that is authentically expressive of the collective imagination of the host community and that could also offer fresh insights into the value of producing and experiencing contemporary art. In this instance I chose to work with participants who are fictional characters, in the hope that the mask of character would liberate the community to interact with artist in a direct and open manner.

The project took place in the BBC studios Roath Lock, Cardiff in 2014, with the kind permission of Ynyr Williams the Producer of Pobol y Cwm, and funded by Arts Council of Wales and University of South Wales.