Television from Small Nations


This multidisciplinary, international research network addresses the specific challenges and opportunities facing television broadcasters and producers in small nations. For small nations the television industry performs a number of important cultural, political and economic functions: constructing cultural identities, contributing towards a democratic public sphere, and enabling minority-languages to thrive in the modern world.

Duration: October 2015 – Present
Funding: Arts and Humanities Research Council
Research Leaders: Prof. Ruth McElroy (University of South Wales), Prof. Anne Marit Waade (Aarhus University), Dr Caitriona Noonan (Cardiff University).
Research Partners: Prof. John Cook (Glasgow Caledonian University), Catrin Hughes Roberts (S4C), Hywel William (RTS Wales), Dr David Fernández Quijada (EBU).

Aim: This network aims to make an impact in several domains by collaborating with non-HE partners and participants who will be beneficiaries.

Objectives: The network is geared towards supporting exchanges across national and disciplinary borders in order better to understand how television in small nations can build its economic capacity whilst also maintaining vital cultural and linguistic commitments to the audiences it serves.

Research Outputs: This international network of academic and industry partners will meet at three thematic workshops. The workshops will be extensively documented and findings shared via dedicated websites, conference papers and publications:

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