Dr Aparna Sharma

Dr Aparna Sharma (BA, MA, PhD, Glamorgan) is an independent filmmaker and journalist. Her film practice primarily derives from the intersection between theory and practice, in particular the conversations between experimental and documentary filmmaking, art and ethnography.

Sharma teaches varied courses pertaining to film theory and practice at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels in the universities of Glamorgan, Newport and Bath Spa. She has previously taught at the Lady Shriram College for Women, new Delhi.

Sharma’s scholarly research interests span the interface of culture and media, small and marginal communities, intercultural aesthetics, integrating digital media in live performance, world cinema, early cinema, modernism in the Indian subcontinent and subaltern studies. She recently completed a brief internship at the Smithsonian Institution’s Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, where she researched the visual archives of the Library of Congress for material pertaining to representation of Welsh identity.

Sharma is a critic for the MIT Press’s Leonardo Digital Reviews Service, and serves as a development writer for the UNIFEM funded, Women’s Feature Service in New Delhi.

Email: aparna31s@yahoo.co.in