Previous Research Projects


Pobol y Cwm Artist Residency

The Pobol Prism Residency built on previous participatory research projects I had produced over the past decade in the South Wales region. The over-arching objective of this series of community specific projects has been to explore ways in which a process of creative engagement can lead to the co-production of a visual art work.

Plot and Measure

Plot and Measure, currently under consideration by Seren, explores space and place in a way that reflects contemporary thinking and the geo-cultural context of Wales.

In and Between: Creative-Critical Collaboration

Interweaving film, poetry, performance and critical reflection, this collaborative practice-as-research (PaR) project involved academics and creative practitioners working in the Faculty of Creative Industries and Faculty of Business and Society, in association with the Centre for the Study of Media and Culture in Small Nations and the Border/Lines Group.

Higher Education and the Live Music Industry in Wales

This report by Dr Paul Carr for the Higher Education Academy follows on from the author’s earlier research on the problems facing the live music industry in Wales. Drawing on a review of recent literature, an online survey and face-to-face interviews with key stakeholders, it considers what training live music practitioners need, how they wish to access it, and how higher education, government and the music industry can better address these needs.

Investigating the Live Music Industry within Wales

This baseline report by Dr Paul Carr for the Welsh Music Foundation examined the issues surrounding the live music industry in Wales, including issues of inward investment, training provision needs, examples of best practice, sales and marketing issues, and the Welsh language sector. Based on questionnaire data and face-to-face interviews with key music industry personnel, it identified the factors which prevent Wales from having a greater share of the UK’s live music industry.

Making History: The BBC’s Story of Wales

This project examined the production of television history programming through empirical research of a specific case study, BBC Wales’ The Story of Wales (Green Bay for BBC Wales, 2012). It analysed the commissioning, production and presentation of a landmark national history programme within the specific context of a small nation (Wales) to provide insights into how television intervenes in the construction, revision and remembering of the national past.

Screening the Nation: Wales and Landmark Television

This major report for the BBC Trust and Audience Council Wales examined the representation of Wales in landmark BBC television drama made in Wales. Published in March 2010, the report draws on interviews with audiences and textual analysis of popular shows like Dr Who and Torchwood, to shed light on the complex relationship between television production, its locations, and the impact of local, regional and national identity.

The Junior Music Academy

This public engagement project led by Dr Paul Carr looked at ways of increasing music participation amongst young people of Wales. Based on interviews and focus groups conducted by student outreach workers, the project helped to secure the long-term future of the Welsh Junior Rock Music Academy, based at the ATRiuM in Cardiff.

Local Independent Radio in Post-devolutionary Wales

This project focused on Independent Local Radio (ILR) in Wales. By exploring how radio stations relate to their localities and to questions of public interest, it examined how ILR can assist in the achievement of public and social policy objectives in a post-devolutionary climate. It analysed the relationship between ILR and the communities it serves by investigating the history, regulation, institutional structures and broadcast output of selected radio stations in Wales.