Screen Agencies as Cultural Intermediaries: Negotiating and Shaping Cultural Policy for the Film and TV


This study provides the first large-scale comparative study of screen agencies within seven small European nations. It assesses their impact on the outputs of our film and television industries and grows out of previous research of these nations and their creative sectors.

Duration: June 2018 – June 2020
Funding: Arts and Humanities Research Council
Principal Investigator: Dr Caitriona Noonan (Cardiff University)
Co-Investigator: Prof. Ruth McElroy (University of South Wales).

Aim: This project aims to make an impact in several domains:

1. Policy Impact
This is an era of change for both the screen sector (e.g. emergence of digital technologies) and for cultural identity as the political landscape shifts (e.g. post-Brexit). In this context effective policy-making will be even more important. This research contributes to that by securing rigorous and timely international data that will inform policy-making and facilitate evidence-based interventions.

2. Cultural and Economic Impact
The research aims to realise economic impact by providing stakeholders with critical analysis of comparative qualitative and quantitative data that reveals how local economic and industrial goals are achieved in a competitive international market.

3. Impact on public life in Wales
This research will contribute to this future by strengthening decision-making relating to the organisational structures of public support.

Objectives: To deepen and extend our critical understanding of the making of creative content and the ways in which cultural policy is shaped and enacted.

Research Outputs: This work will take a number of forms including academic outputs, reports and policy briefings which highlight best practice and case studies, along with the main conclusions and recommendations.

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