Beyond the Box Office


Location: Cineworld, Cardiff

Audience: Public

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The Film Agency for Wales hosted the UK Film Council (UKFC) at Cineworld Cardiff, where they presented findings from a study on the cultural impact of UK Film 1946-2006. Professor Steve Blandford was invited to moderate a panel to discuss the project’s findings and their relevance to Wales.

Over 50 guests attended the event including representatives from the film industry and allied areas including education, research and public policy. Pauline Burt, Chief Executive of the Film Agency welcomed the audience, emphasising the significance of the debate around film beyond its economic importance.

Professor Ian Christie, Professor of Film and Media History at Birkbeck College and Bertrand Moullier, Senior Consultant, Narval Media, discussed the main findings of the study, with particular emphasis on the contribution of films made in or about Wales. They discussed how British film may enhance cultural identity and the opportunity for public policy to plan for and incentivise these effects through education, training and new forms of distribution funding.

Steve Blandford then moderated a panel consisting of Ian Christie, Bertrand Moullier, Elan Closs Stephens (Professor of Communications and Creative Industries, Aberystwyth University), Peter Edwards (Chair of the Film Agency for Wales), David Steele (Head of the UK Film Council’s Research and Statistics Unit), and John Newbigin (Chair of Screen England and Consultant to the UK Film Council). An engaging and wide ranging debate with the audience followed ranging from the distribution of specialised Welsh film, to film in the curriculum.

Dowload the cultural impact of film report from the UKFC Website. A full conference report by Jill Tandy is available here.