Community Radio: Role, Practice and Sustainability


Location: The ATRiuM, Cardiff

Audience: Public

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The community sector of UK radio has come a long way since the pilot stage just a few years ago. The UK now has 100 stations, including eight in Wales, broadcasting an impressive range of contrasting sounds. This symposium examined issues relating to policy, funding and practice with a variety of speakers from around the UK and beyond.

Symposium organiser Diana Brand said: “Often run on a shoestring and with very few paid members of staff, how do stations manage to produce quality programme content on an ongoing basis? And how will stations manage to survive financially from year to year?”

The symposium considered the various models of funding and discussing the role of community radio in a multichannel media scene. A number of community stations were discussed, contributing to an open debate on approaches to providing sustainable programming.

The day aimed to provid a forum for workers and volunteers in radio, policy makers, academics and communities that have, or are hoping to get, their own radio station.