Imagine Wales

10-01-2015 at 9am to 1pm

Location: The Atrium, University of South Wales, Cardiff, CF24 2BP

Audience: Public

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Speakers: Ross Colquhoun & Miriam Brett (National Collective)

During Scotland’s recent independence referendum many artists and creative people joined a cross-party organisation called the National Collective, which campaigned for a Yes vote. It emphasised the significance of the imagination as a key tool for social change – that an alternative society first needs to be imagined before it can be realised – and who better to utilise their imaginations than artists? The National Collective succeeded in attracting over 3,000 members. Its instigator & director, artist Ross Colquhoun, along with colleague Miriam Brett, are visiting Cardiff in the New Year to share their story of how the organisation was established, how it evolved over 3 years, and to update us on how they now envisage its role post-referendum.

The debates provoked by the vote in Scotland are being felt across Britain, from Cameron’s 'English votes for English laws’ to discussions here in Wales about further devolution. The distance of Westminster from the lives of voters in many parts of Britain presents challenges as well as possibilities for those who want to ignite political engagement closer to home. This unique event offers artists and creative people in Wales the opportunity to suggest, explore and reflect on new ways of imagining a different political future for our country.