Theatre in Vlach and Pontic Greek Endangered Languages: a self-heritage journey

08-11-2023 at 3.30pm to 08-11-2023 at 6pm

Location: ATRiuM Theatre (CAB004) University of South Wales, Cardiff Campus

Audience: Public

Cost: Free

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During the spring and summer of 2023, I visited my hometown Veria, aka Little Jerusalem of Greece, as part of Taith - a Welsh Government funded programme - to do a small-scale research project on endangered languages heritage performance. Despite its small size, Veria embraces a variety of subcultures and sublanguages, including Vlach and Pontic Greek. After all, Veria was the second most significant town during ancient Macedonian years and the third most important city of the Byzantine Empire, after Constantinople (Istanbul) and Thessaloniki. During my visit, I worked with both Vlach and Pontic Greek communities, observed their work, and participated in their heritage performances, learning not only about the communities’ cultural heritage but also about my own personal heritage.

Dr Christina Papagiannouli is Research Fellow in Performance and Interactive & Immersive Technology at the University of South Wales, where she also lectures performance and new media. Her research focuses on online theatre and the use of interactive and immersive technologies in theatre and performance. She has published widely in the field, including a Palgrave Macmillan monograph titled Political Cyberformance: The Etheatre Project in 2016.

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