Mapping and Costing the Music Industries in Wales

Mapping the Music Industries in Wales: A Report For Creative Wales - Professor Paul Carr

Thanks to funding from University of South Wales and Welsh Government, Professor Paul Carr recently completed a series of three reports for Creative Wales.

In the first report, Professor Carr built a database of Welsh music venues, recording studios and rehearsal rooms and placed them on a digital map.

Brief headlines include

  • The map consists of 554 businesses across the 22 local authorities of Wales, comprising of 75 recording studios, 7 dedicated rehearsal studios and 472 music venues.

  • Cardiff has the most businesses (64), followed by Swansea (49), Carmarthenshire (48) and Pembrokeshire (43).

  • Swansea has the most music venues (47), followed by Cardiff (45), Carmarthenshire (44) and Pembrokeshire (42).

  • Powys has the most music festivals (10), followed by Gwynedd (5), Swansea (4) and Ceredigion (4).

  • Cardiff and Swansea have the most Grassroot Music Venues (7 and 5 respectively), followed by Wrexham (3), Rhondda Cynon Taf (3), Newport (2), Flintshire (1) and Monmouthshire (1).

The other two reports were relate to the financial worth of the Welsh music industries pre and post COVID for 2019 and 2020.

Brief headlines include

In 2019, the Music industries in Wales sustained:

  • 243m in Gross Value Added (GVA), and 7790 jobs.

  • £131m of this and 3876 of these jobs were sustained directly by the
  • music industries.

  •  Live music contributed £115m.

  • Music creators contributed 2,000 jobs - more than any other part of the Welsh music industries. These industries collapsed in Wales in 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • GVA was reduced by 55% to £109m and employment reduced by 19% to 6322.

  • The live music sector experienced a 90% reduction in GVA.

  •  During 2020, the 90% reduction from live music contrasted with a 3% increase in GVA from recorded music and music publishing. This increase was driven by the persistence of music streaming during lockdowns.

Professor Paul Carr

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