Our place is at the heart of a vibrant, multilingual, international community of theatre-makers

Sam O Fearrach

As part of last year's Ceangal event, an online gathering of Celtic language theatre-makers, six artists were commissioned to produce new work to premiere at the conference.  The Irish writer and theatre-maker Sam Ó Fearraigh was one of those chosen, and he presented Balbháin.

Sam returns to this year's Ceangal | Cwlwm event, sharing his insights and expertise in an open panel, chaired by Professor Anwen Jones (Aberystwyth University) on Friday 26 November at 16:15 - 17:15, alongside Martin Hession; Dr Sera Moore Williams (University of South Wales) and Sharon Morgan (Actor and Writer). To attend the online event, please register here.

Speaking about the importance of the Ceangal | Cwlwm event, Sam said: "We are often told – we who work in the minoritised languages of these islands – that we are on the edge. Physically and culturally we are pushed to the margins while innovation, artistry, and value are seen as the purview of an urban, English-speaking ‘centre’.

"It is assumed that our theatre is simply a weak attempt to imitate that of London or Dublin.  Ceangal | Cwlwm gives the lie to that assumption, demonstrating the range, creativity, and incisiveness of Welsh, Gaelic, and Irish-language theatre. 

"But more important than that is the opportunity this conference offers us to re-imagine ourselves and our place in the theatre world. For while the ‘centre’ of the English-speaking cities might be far off, our fellow theatre-makers of the 'edge' are very close indeed. Ceangal | Cwlwm reminds us that we are not on the edge looking in at all, rather our place is at the heart of a vibrant, multilingual, international community of theatre-makers. 

"For that reason, I was honoured to receive a commission from Ceangal | Dolen last year. I treasured the opportunity to create a piece of theatre not only for my own community, but for an international audience – adding another little beam to the bridge we are building between us."

Hear Sam speak at this year's Ceangal | Cwlwm III.